We are able to Power flushing your whole central heating system to remove lime scale build-up which reduces the efficiency of a system.

Are you having problems with your Central Heating System?

  • Is the system slow to warm up?
  • Are some radiators completely or partially cold?
  • Do radiators need frequent bleeding?
  • Is radiator water dirty and discoloured?
  • Are there ‘kettling’ noises from the boiler?
  • Do you have repeated pump failures?

Powerflushing can –

  • Cure flow and circulation problems
  • Restore system efficiency
  • Restore heat output to radiators
  • Clean the whole system including under floor pipe-work
  • Cure or reduce boiler noise
  • By removing dirt from the system and replacing it with clean water and a protective agent the treatment prevents further corrosion

The powerflush itself will usually take a day. We are happy to provide this service at the weekend if this suits your schedule better.

Pricing :

A normal house will be £400.00 plus vat and consumables. Larger properties or more than 8 radiators are a little more.

Magnaclean filter £100.00 fitted at the time of the powerflush