From small and challenging to well designed and easy to maintain

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This new kitchen replaces one which was well past it’s sell by date. The challenge was to update the kitchen but also to make it much more ‘user friendly’ and easier to clean after a busy cooking session. The old low level oven was replaced with an eye level grill and easily accessible oven. The small textured tiles with their large areas of grout were replaced with new larger glossy tiles in our customers favourite colour. ¬†Our brief included retaining the existing tiled floor but it became¬†clear that we would have to cut out some cut tiles and replace them with new to meet the footprint of the new kitchen – thankfully, “we have the technology!”

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The whole kitchen was replastered (another ‘Artex’ ceiling eliminated!) and a soft shade of green paint applied to the walls with white ceiling and woodwork. There is a lovely little pull out unit to maximise the storage in this challenging space … along with 2 drawer units making access to pans and cooking dishes much easier

Before 1 Before 2

Our customer has kindly allowed us to post a few ‘before’ pictures too – it’s still a challenge to take photographs in such a small space … but thankfully much more enjoyable to cook in day to day apparently.

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