10 days – new accessible Shower Room … no pressure!

Day 1

Day 1 – a perfectly normal shower room in a bungalow. Sadly – due to mobility issues – unsafe and unusable for the owner

Day 2 b Day 3 a

Day 2 – the challenge of loving the toilet begins with seeking out the soil pipe connection and re-designing it. Oh, and yes, a little plastering too

Day 3 c

Day 3 – excavations continue but we have made connection now!  Connections are also installed for the low level waste for the 40mm high shower tray to make easy access for our client who couldn’t manage the step up in the old bathroom

Day 4 a

Day 4 – careful setting out and installation of the low level shower tray and installing the pipework

Day 5 b

Day 5 – installing and sealing the Hardie Backerboard before tiling commences

Day 6 a Day 6 b

Day 6 – now that the tray is in we can plaster the last wall and also prepare the rather uneven sub-floor to take a new, easy to clean Karndean finish

Day 7

Day 7 – tiling commences …..

Day 8 b

Day 8 – as we have used the most appropriate adhesives and grout, the new shower can be installed (the pipework was all run into the wall and tested earlier – forgot to mention that!)

Day 9 a

Day 9 – grouted and installed … nearly there

Day 10

Day 10 – the new accessible entrance to the shower along with it’s secure grab rail and easily accessible towel warmer

From small and challenging to well designed and easy to maintain

After 1 resized

This new kitchen replaces one which was well past it’s sell by date. The challenge was to update the kitchen but also to make it much more ‘user friendly’ and easier to clean after a busy cooking session. The old low level oven was replaced with an eye level grill and easily accessible oven. The small textured tiles with their large areas of grout were replaced with new larger glossy tiles in our customers favourite colour.  Our brief included retaining the existing tiled floor but it became clear that we would have to cut out some cut tiles and replace them with new to meet the footprint of the new kitchen – thankfully, “we have the technology!”

After 2 resized

The whole kitchen was replastered (another ‘Artex’ ceiling eliminated!) and a soft shade of green paint applied to the walls with white ceiling and woodwork. There is a lovely little pull out unit to maximise the storage in this challenging space … along with 2 drawer units making access to pans and cooking dishes much easier

Before 1 Before 2

Our customer has kindly allowed us to post a few ‘before’ pictures too – it’s still a challenge to take photographs in such a small space … but thankfully much more enjoyable to cook in day to day apparently.

After 1 resized


Finding headroom and bringing a shower room into a new era


It’s amazing what you can fit into a small space if you really try !


This shower room in a lovely old cottage in Steeple Bumpstead was not meeting the needs of its owners. When the children were small it was a useful upstairs facility – but as they grew, graduated and started to return to visit, the space needed not only updating, but taking upwards. They needed not only a feeling of, but also real headroom.


To give real space in a severely restricted building,  the only way was “Up” into the loft space above. The new shower has powered extraction through the loft to the outside and the new shower enclosure has lots of headroom.

We worked closely with our Client to choose fittings, tiles, paint and flooring to make the very best use of the space and give a light, airy but sympathetic tone – bearing in mind the age of the cottage and the lovely restful feel of their home. We ‘planted’ old timbers from another village property (ours!) into the new room to add back in more timber features to compliment the building.

Once again, we dealt with every aspect of the project including all decorating and finishing – to leave our Client with a fully finished Shower Room to enjoy.


Heating is from a towel rail and the tricky angled boxing needed to house the slope from the stairwell below was tiled to offer a robust but beautiful shelf – carefully angled to save scrapes


What a difference a foot and a bit makes!

2 12 13


In a traditional cottage in Steeple Bumpstead –  a cottage with lots of history and charm –  we needed to help the homeowners find a way for their new, modern shower room to work for them (they are a very tall family). Our solution  –  “Head-Up” into the un-used loft space ( with lots and lots of structure and insulation of course!)

For more details of the project – look in our Bathrooms Portfolio

Simple, stylish and relaxing bathrooms


Few bathrooms are particularly spacious and therefore the challenge is to make them special and enjoyable spaces for the families who live there. With a family growing up, this simple but stylish scheme replaced an exhausted family bathroom with a beautiful room for a relaxing soak (as well as a place three boys could get through quickly for a shower …..)


The soft tones of this Karndean flooring can be seen in several of our bathrooms (and in our own home too) – warm, hard-wearing and easy to keep clean its very wide range of styles, finishes  and colour-ways mean it is a popular choice … my collection of samples grows by the week!


Again, having a shower over a bath is a necessity in small spaces. However use of larger tiles makes the space seem more generous – with the added benefit of being easy to clean. Here a neat shower screen ( one small fixed panel and one moving) makes the whole space accessible


Built in cabinets are very popular but modern free-standing porcelain can give a more individual look …. keeping all pipework hidden as far as possible is another obsession of ours (along with the obliteration of ‘Artex’)


Another ‘warm’ customer

Chris completed the installation of a new Worcester Gas Combi Boiler into a bungalow in the village last week – our very warm customer now has peace of mind and a very cosy home

Thank goodness we also replaced the thermostatic valves on her radiators too – at least now she can control the temperature in each room as she reports it to be a lot warmer in there since the system was power-flushed prior to the installation of the new boiler

Another decorating project completed

Happy to report that the “HSL” ( hall, stairs and landing) project in a local customers home has now been completed. Wallpaper was carefully removed from the whole area and then after filling and sanding, repainted in a beautiful warm fresh matt emulsion. Fresh white paintwork on all 11 doors and skirtings helps too!

Bouncing sunlight and spring freshness even on a dull day ….